Spiritual Food Event Sponsored by OLGA COLA Cosmetics


OLGA COLA Cosmetics sponsors the Spiritual Food event in Turin!

Friday, February 22nd, OLGA COLA Cosmetics sponsored the Spiritual Food event in Turin, IT! This event focused on the importance of food for the spirit and intertwined the important meals that are shown throughout history in spiritual texts.

In addition to the wonderful food served by renouned chef Angelo Gotadoro, and the skin care products provided by OLGA COLA Cosmetics, Dr. Mara Antonaccio and Prof. Massimo Giusio helped guide the event and explain the importance of the ingredients and meals!

We have collaborated with Spiritual Food because of the importance of inner self-care! Spiritual Food looks at historical and spiritual texts to get information on important ingredients to create spectacular meals, while we look towards Mother Earth and the nature around us to create an organic, vegan, naturally beneficial skin care! What you put in your body effects not only on your health, but also on your skin as well! The importance of Spiritual Food and spiritual skin is clear!