Shampoo Natural & Organic
The Guarantee of COLA Comestics

The Innovation of Italian Vegan - Organic - Natural skincare

Cola cosmetics is an innovative, high-quality line of ORGANIC, VEGAN and ECO FRIENDLY cosmetics. 100% Made in Italy
and based in Milan. We focus on Italian traditions, quality, and respect for the environment and animals.
Our products are exclusively addressed to a specific clientele who demand luxury and Eco friendliness.
The COLA formulations are free from harmful chemical ingredientsand are in favor of Certified Bio Actives from Italian farms. They combine the powers of nature and safety to help sensitive skin, without sacrificing luxury.
We are sensitive to nature and persue a sustainable business model for both the environment and society by reducing packaging and using recycled and recyclable material.

          Respect  for skin, environment and animals

    Risultati immagini per stelle recensioniFinally a product line which is really 100% Organic. I tried both the skin creme for my toddler as well as the skin creme for me. The creme is extremely effective for irritation and to keep the skin soft.
    The cream leaves the skin soft and moisturised for hours, it is ideal for hypersensitive facial areas.
    I tried after listening to a friend who uses them and I will definitely buy them for myself.
    Risultati immagini per stelle recensioniI had the opportunity to personally try the products and COLA treatments are really UNBEATABLE!
    I only buy them because they really are Vegan, Organic and Effective …there is no comparison with respect to traditional products.
    Never run out of COLA Cosmetic products!
    I highly recommend them to everyone!
    Risultati immagini per stelle recensioniFinally someone who really cares our skin and our hair.
    Since I tried the COLA products on myself and on my daughter I don’t have any problems and I am not afraid of itching, redness or having other reactions...
    Thank youuuuu ...
    Risultati immagini per stelle recensioniFinally some good products that you can use with confidence!
    I find the effect of Revitalizing Shampoo FANTASTIC and have not stopped using it from the first try.
    I recommend everyone to use these products.
    Risultati immagini per stelle recensioniI had the pleasure of trying the COLA Antioxidant Face Cream and Nourishing Body Cream and I was pleasantly surprised by the effect on my skin: softer and smoother from the first application.
    The fact that they are then certified organic products that are environmentally friendly makes you and your skin feel more secure.
    Risultati immagini per stelle recensioniAbsolutely fantastic products, which, after trying them, one cannot live without!