About Us



In Milan, in the international heart of Fashion, Innovation, and Design was born Olga Cola Cosmetics.
A new way of conceiving luxury dermatological treatments exclusively through esteemed ORGANIC, VEGAN and BIO-TECHNOLOGICAL actives, mixed with an unmistakable Italian Elegance and Refinement.

Founded  by Dr. Olga Cola, a medical Biotechnologist with vast managerial experience in the pharmacological and dermatological field. Olga Cola Cosmetics offers highly effective and innovative treatments FOR SENSITIVE AND OVERSENSITIVE SKIN that cannot tolerate conventional cosmetics.

OLGA COLA's Secret, exclusive formula

Dermatological treatments created on the basis of SECRET FORMULATIONS DEVELOPED BY DR. OLGA COLA together with a panel of experts, originally born for personal use and for her son Luigi with atopic skin.
OLGA COLA cosmetics is a world made by prestigious dermatological treatments ispired by the skin biology for self-care and care of children, through a refined and perfect blend of Nature, Green Bio-Tech, Ecosostenibility and Luxury that can reveal the innate beauty of the skin.

"With COLA cosmetics we want to offer not only an organic response to sensitive skin, but also to promote a lifestyle of Ethics, which is Sustainable and Eco-friendly."

" And so every day we work with passion and dedication to offer you and your children innovative dermatological treatments, which are effective and safe, respectful of the skin, the environment and animals."